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Unsere zwei Baumpflanzprojekte im Juli

Together with our community and our partner One Tree Planted, we are committed to tree planting campaigns around the world. In July, we're supporting two projects in Ireland and Lithuania. Read this blog to learn why the campaigns are so important and what you can do.

Ireland has the lowest forest cover of all European countries, with a forest cover of only 11%. As part of the Ireland 2023 - Nationwide Community Tree Cover project, the aim is to increase the forest cover and plant 200,000 trees in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. This will involve planting native tree species from certified Irish seed, creating diverse habitats and also supporting biodiversity.

Image: Actually unbelievable - as a green island, Ireland has the deepest forest cover.

More than just green trees

Particular focus is placed on involving local communities in the process of tree planting and care. This is intended to create more understanding and knowledge around the issue. The tree planting project also offers ecological benefits such as soil protection, water quality improvement, flood protection and air purification. A benefit for us humans and our environment. 

Image: Everyone pitches in. 

No one is too small to be a TreePlanter

Our second project takes us to Lithuania. Together with our partner One Tree Planted, we are planning to restore a forest in cooperation with the Vilnius city administration. About 100 children from surrounding schools and kindergartens will be involved in this project. As a first step, they will learn more about the importance of forests and the consequences of climate change in child-friendly training sessions.

Picture: Even if the picture still shows winter - here it should become greener. 

"Vilnius Forest of Children"

In the second step, they receive seedlings and actively help with planting. Part of the children's task is to visit "their" trees regularly in the future. The planted trees will enrich the landscape, neutralize CO2, clean the air and reduce the effects of global warming. The planted area of the "Vilnius Forest of Children" project is monitored to ensure the best possible growth of the trees. In addition, recurring lessons for school children are planned.

Picture: Preparations for the reforestation were already started at the beginning of the year.

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