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What it looks like today at NIKIN: the founding history part 3

Posted on October 20 2019

In our three-part blog series we show you how two friends from their childhood days founded NIKIN and wanted to give something back to nature. In the third part, learn how Robin and Nicholas chose the new logo and who even had it tattooed.

Teamfoto NIKIN
The NIKIN team is growing and growing.

After the rapid growth of orders, Robin and Nicholas decided to register NIKIN as a limited liability company. Thus NIKIN was officially born. As of January 1, 2018, NIKIN was registered in the commercial register. In the meantime, Nicholas' wife Carla Hänny joined the team and took over all financial matters. In addition, they hired the first employee Jonas. He took over the entire logistics - and still works there today.

Feier zum Eintrag ins Handelsregister


The then NIKIN team celebrates its entry in the commercial register.

In the summer of 2018, Nicholas and Robin decided that NIKIN needed a new logo. On a Sunday afternoon they met at Lake Sempach. Robin brought some self-designed logos with him. The two agreed on the best couple and sent them to all their friends via whatsapp and asked for their opinion. All logos had a similar style. To add a little variety, they also sent one that was completely different and wasn't really a choice. The completely different logo was the winner of the vote and today it is the official NIKIN logo and can be found on every product.  

Neues NIKIN-Logo


The winner of the vote was this logo.

Meanwhile, NIKIN has employed support for Jonas in the warehouse. Regula takes over the logistics and handles the countless orders together with Jonas. To get more storage capacity, NIKIN moves to the Wisa Gloria area in Lenzburg. NIKIN quickly rents more and more space there. The peak of orders is Black Friday 2018 (at NIKIN Green Friday). Logistics packs more parcels than ever before in one day. The driver of the post office who picks up the parcels and then has his first working day has to stack the parcels on the passenger seat.

Regula und Jonas an Green Friday


NIKIN planted two trees per product sold on Green Friday. Regula and Jonas had their hands full packing the many orders.

Shortly after Green Friday the next highlight follows. Around Christmas more and more people want to do something good for the environment and order from NIKIN. Since NIKIN still wants to label each tree certificate by hand, they hire extra employees to write the names on the certificates during the Christmas season.

Verpacken vor Weihnachten


The hard-working warehouse staff fill out every certificate by hand, even during Christmas stress.

In the meantime, NIKIN has even become so well known that an enthusiastic customer has the logo tattooed.

Kundin mit Tattoo


More and more orders are received and NIKIN is able to employ more and more employees. In October 2019, NIKIN will have 28 people working every day to drive global reforestation forward.


A look behind the scenes at NIKIN. 
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