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Why buy water PET bottles is a nonsensical trend in Switzerland

Posted on October 07 2018

"To fill one liter of water, it takes three or four liters of tap water". With this statement, Peter Gleick, a water expert at the Pacific Institute in San Francisco, emphasizes the immense consumption of tap water for non-ecological purposes. How important water is is shown by the fact that every kind of life depends on it. But now this necessary and valuable commodity is filled every day in countless plastic bottles and sold around the globe. The fact that plastic is not considered a friend of sustainability, has long been known. For the production of a PET bottle, oil is needed, a resource whose reserves will eventually be used up. Nonetheless, it keeps on making fun and producing plastic every day. This often lands in the oceans and puts an end to the life of countless seabirds and fish.

In Switzerland, we enjoy a privilege of which many other countries only dream: turn on tap and enjoy tap water directly! But that does not stop us from carrying home a gallon of bottled water or buying a bottle of water at the kiosk on the way to work. But why do we risk a painful back every time, or are we just too comfortable and can we ignore that plastic is anything but sustainable? Usually, the idea of a more ecological behavior comes only at the sight of a beach covered with plastic in the summer holiday - and thus the bad conscience, which then quickly vanishes again, as soon as you are back in the middle of everyday life and the next purchase of pure habit quite natural reaches for the plastic bottle.

With the new NIKIN TreeBottle, there is no excuse for why you prefer the packaged water to tap water. Because on the one hand costs can be saved with the reusable vacuum flask by deliberately avoiding the pre-packaged water when shopping. On the other hand, with little effort and great benefit, everyone can do something for the environment and against the growing plastic mountains.

The NIKIN TreeBottle would like to thank you for your contribution to the environment by ensuring that hot drinks stay hot for 12 hours, while cold drinks keep their temperature for 24 hours. Thus, it serves as a faithful companion in hot summer months and also in freezing temperatures in winter. And last but not least, your back will thank you sooner or later.

So: Next time, just leave the PET bottle on the shelf and choose the stainless steel bottle from NIKIN instead. It looks incredibly good anyway!


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