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Where does NIKIN produce?

Posted on June 29 2021

NIKIN besucht Hersteller

Where and with whom does NIKIN produce? Justified question! NIKIN has grown considerably as a brand in recent years. As a result, the product range and the manufacturing locations have multiplied. This can make it difficult for buyers to get an overview. But don't worry, here you will find everything about "Where does NIKIN produce"...

Transparency in the production of goods and merchandise is an important and above all legitimate topic. It is important to us that our community can find out where we have the new TreeShirt or the new Treekini produced. One thing right away: all our items except the TreeBottle come from Europe, but more about that later.

Here NIKIN produces
This graphic gives you a rough overview. Here you can see in which country which article is produced. Most of our Bodywear comes from Portugal or from the European part of Istanbul, while we have most of our accessories produced in Poland and the Czech Republic. When we launch a new product, such as the TreeSuit, it can take a few days for the item to appear in the graphic. So be patient with us.

Personal relationship with manufacturers
We know many manufacturers personally because we visit their production sites. On one hand, it is important for us to check whether the manufacturer's choice meets our quality standards. On the other hand, we appreciate the opportunity to deepen the business relationship on a human level as well. "We see our manufacturers as partners on our mission to offer sustainable, fairly produced and affordable fashion. Everyone needs to be on board for this, which is why we help each other and build close connections," confirms NIKIN Co-Founder and CEO Nicholas. If you'd like to dig deeper into our manufacturers, you can check them out here.

The exception
Only our TreeBottles do not come from Europe. This has several reasons. Firstly, we value the quality of our manufacturer in China. We have already checked this manufacturer for our standards several times through research and checks. On the other hand, it is very difficult to find a suitable producer for the TreeBottles in Europe, as there are almost no production facilities for them here. "We are constantly thinking about how we could bring TreeBottle production closer to us. So far, we haven't come up with the right alternative," confirms NIKIN Co-Founder Robin, Head of Product Development, adding, "but our TreeBottle Glass are made in Europe instead. It was a long process, but it was worth it to us!"


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