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NIKIN führt neu einen Blog, in dem regelmässig ganz unterschiedliche Themen angesprochen und diskutiert werden. Hast auch Du einen Gedanken, den du schon lange mal niederschreiben und teilen wolltest? Dann sende uns Deinen Text und vielleicht steht unter dem nächsten Post dein eigener Name!

Recent Posts

  • Why are forests so good for us?

    Jan 17 2020, Jeffrey Gnehm

    The forests of the world are burning. Innumerable ecosystems and their flora and fauna are destroyed within a very short time – someti...

  • Australia is on fire - what should we do?

    Jan 08 2020, Tanja Isler

    The devastating forest fires in Australia threaten people and animals, destroy valuable plants and spread further and further. The smo...

  • The NIKIN Year in a nutshell

    Jan 03 2020, Tanja Isler

    2019 was a year full of highlights for NIKIN. We have summarized the most beautiful and important moments for you.  ...

  • Our Fail = Your Sale: 3 for 2 special

    Jan 03 2020, Tanja Isler

    Planning ahead is a difficult. Since we are growing at an enormous pace in 2019, planning was challenging. Now we still have a lot of ...

  • Synthetic fibre vs. natural fibre: Where are the differences?

    Dec 30 2019, Tanja Isler

    NIKIN uses both synthetic and natural fibres in its products. Why did we choose this mixture and what are the advantages and disadvant...

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