The best all-round T-shirt

No more stressing about your closet - the TreeShirt is the only T-shirt you need in your everyday life.

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Organic Cotton

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1 product = 1 tree planted


Designed in Switzerland

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CO2-neutral delivery

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Designed in Switzerland to change the world

The timeless TreeShirt is an absolute all-rounder and suits every occasion - your perfect everyday companion.

With the TreeShirt, we are challenging the principles of the fashion industry. Timeless design, long life and minimal impact on the planet: that's how fashion should be! No matter what your daily challenge is - whether in the office, at school, on a hike or on a first date - the TreeShirt is made for it. It's not an alternative. It's simply better than your other T-shirts.


  • 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton gives the fabric a particularly soft and breathable character.
  • Higher quality thanks to European production. You can feel the difference at first touch.
  • Healthier for you and the planet. No chemicals, allergic substances or disposable plastic.
  • 1 product = 1 tree. For every TreeShirt you buy, you plant a tree. Since 2017, our community has already planted more than 2 million trees!

Most popular TreeShirts

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TreeShirt 5-Pack


TreeShirt Mixed 3-Pack

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No more cheap clothing. It's time for Made in Europe!

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Info about the producers: Tarefas Coloridas

Our TreeShirts are designed to fit every body and every challenge. To guarantee the best possible quality, all TreeShirts are produced in Portugal in accordance with high social and sustainable standards. A 20-strong team led by husband and wife team Aldina and Avelino Pinto and their daughter Daniela and her husband Pedro ensure that the production of the TreeShirts meets the highest standards.

The company produces the patterns itself, then cuts the fabrics accordingly and sews the TreeShirts together. The dyeing is also done in-house in Portugal, as is the packaging and shipping.

Electricity from conventional energy sources is used for these processes - but in-house solar panels on the roof of the production building are being planned. In addition, all waste is separated and recycled.

Tens of thousands of satisfied customers = a guarantee that you will love our T-shirts too

It's no secret that the TreeShirt is our best-selling product. To date, more than 51,632 units have been sold. There are over 509 reviews with an average rating of 4.7/5! Here are some reviews from proud TreeShirt wearers:

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