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Here you can find out when a product will be available again. If there is no information available for a sold out product, please contact directly.


Product Info / Available again
TreeMasks CW 43
TreeShirts Polo Unisex End of october 2020
TreeShirts Unisex (Basic, Basic NIKIN, Pocket, Pocket Forest, V-Neck, Allover, Bicolor, Longsleeve Raglan) End of october 2020
TreeShirts Women (Basic, Pocket, Pocket Forest, Tanky Slim, V-Neck, Longsleeve Slim, Allover, Bicolor) End of october 2020
TreeBoxersEnd of october 2020
TreeMugEnd of october 2020 
TreeTowel Beach ForestEnd of october 2020
TreeGlasses CaseEnd of october 2020
TreeHoodieBeginning of november 2020
TreeSweaterBeginning of november 2020
TreeLeggingsEnd of november 2020
Coffee Capexpected november 2020
TreeSocks Short, Standard, WinterBeginning of december 2020 
TreeCaps Beginning of december 2020
TreeJoggingBeginning of december 2020
TreeGlassesMid of december 2020
TreeJewelleryas soon as sold out, available again in the next days

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