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One million trees planted – NIKIN reaches another milestone

Posted on December 20 2020

Unbelievable, but true: NIKIN has planted a whole million trees with the community. Since its founding in 2016, the Lenzburg-based company has planted one tree for every product sold. And now, four and a half years later, it can proudly look back on a whole million trees – tree by tree.

one Million Trees Logo vor Wald


It started with a beer idea and has now grown into a whole million planted trees. When NIKIN founders Robin Gnehm and Nicholas Hänny met in McArthurs Pub in Lenzburg in 2016, neither of them would have thought that their idea would make the world so much greener - or, to be more precise, a whole million trees greener.

Proud and grateful NIKIN family

On April 2 2020, NIKIN celebrated the 500'000th tree. Just a few months later, the number of trees planted was doubled.«One million trees, we first have to realize that. That's such an incredible amount that we haven't quite been able to grasp it ourselves», says Nicholas Hänny, co-founder and CEO. «We want to thank everyone who made this possible: Employees, friends, family, customers. Something like this is only possible with the right people by your side», adds Robin Gnehm, Co-Founder and CPO.

An incredible number

One million trees planted – a number that is so large that it is almost intangible. To compare: One million trees cover approximately an area of 81km2. The city of Zurich has an area of 88km2. So NIKIN has covered almost the entire city of Zurich with trees – figuratively speaking, of course. Or to put it another way: One million trees cover an area of 11,345 soccer fields.

The importance of planting trees

Why does NIKIN actually plant trees? Because it is enormously important for nature! We already learn it in elementary school: Trees clean the air. They store carbon dioxide and release oxygen, which is vital for us. They also act as drinking water reservoirs. But that's not all: they are also an important element when it comes to preventing events such as avalanches, floods, landslides and the like. In addition, trees increase biodiversity and are the habitat of many animal species. But people also depend on trees: They create jobs, provide food and are a popular place for recreation.

Advantages for nature

One million mature trees produce oxygen for about two million people. One tree can therefore produce oxygen for two people. In addition, a tree absorbs an average of ten kilograms of CO2 per year. One million trees therefore absorb 10,000 CO2 – and this every year.

Tree by tree – the million is just the beginning

NIKIN is very, very proud to have had such an enormous impact on nature in this short time. However, this is just the beginning. Tree by tree we will continue to participate in global reforestation efforts. After all, 46% of the world's forests have already been destroyed. Every second an area of forest the size of a football field disappears. However, around 80% of all living creatures that live on land depend on forests. And 1.6 billion people earn their living from trees.

Our planting partner One Tree Planted

Since its foundation, NIKIN has been able to count on its reliable partner One Tree Planted. Since its foundation, NIKIN has been able to count on its reliable partner One Tree Planted. This non-profit organization plants the trees on behalf of NIKIN within large campaigns. One Tree Planted was founded in 2015, shortly before NIKIN. NIKIN regularly exchanges ideas with One Tree Planted and the founders of both companies have visited each other several times. One Tree Planted has planted a total of 4 million trees in 2019.

A product as a souvenir

We cannot adequately express our joy, pride and gratitude in words, videos or a product. But to commemorate this great milestone in NIKIN history, we would like to launch a very special product: We have decided to produce a Special Edition of the TreeShopper. This TreeShopper will always remind us and our clientele that every tree makes a difference – tree by tree.

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