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How NIKIN is slowly growing: the founding history Part 2

Posted on October 19 2019

In our three-part blog series we show you how two friends from their childhood days founded NIKIN and wanted to give something back to nature. In the second part, learn how Robin integrated his whole family into the young company.

Jeffrey, Robin, Lester und Nicholas

Jeffrey, Robin, Lester and Nicholas (f.l.t.r.) worked on the NIKIN project alongside their job and studies.

In the first part of the blog series you saw Nicholas and Robin ordering the first 60 Treeanies and selling them immediately. Shortly after, hundreds of people ordered the caps. Nobody expected such a rush. The two of them sometimes worked night shifts until 3 o'clock in the morning and went about their actual business again in the morning. Accordingly, the two urgently needed energetic support. Robin therefore integrated his whole family into the small company without further ado. The Gnehm family supported NIKIN wherever they could. Robin's parents sewed the labels onto the treeanies.

Robins Eltern nähen die Labels auf die Treeanies

Robin's parents sewed the labels on the treeanies all night long.

Since Nicholas and Robin were both active scouts, they wanted to plant trees with their project. The fact that so many people want to join the global reforestation was a surprise, but a very, very positive surprise. Robin's two brothers Jeffrey and Lester also helped with the young company. Lester, actually 100% employed as a gardener, took over the logistics and sent out the NIKIN packages after work.

Lester verschickt Pakete

Lester Gnehm spent hours after work sending NIKIN parcels.

Jeffrey took over communication from NIKIN and continues to do so today. 

It was clear that NIKIN quickly needed its own warehouse. So NIKIN moved to a warehouse in Seengen, where there was a small vegetable shop before.

Das erste NIKIN Lager in Seengen

This small house in Seengen was the first official NIKIN warehouse.

After work, the NIKIN employees packed the products and personally brought them to the Seenger Post. The demand for NIKIN products continued to rise rapidly. NIKIN quickly blocked the Seenger Post every evening for half an hour. It took some time for all parcels to be posted.

Bericht über NIKIN in der Aargauer Zeitung

A small article in the Aargauer Zeitung shows how many packages NIKIN brought to the Seenger Post.


You can read how NIKIN became a GmbH (limited liability company) and the history behind the logo in the third part of the blog series.



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