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NIKIN and Viva con Agua join forces for the environment and people


For every Bracelete sold, a tree is planted &
supports Viva con Agua's One WASH Program.


Change the world with us, tree by tree,
drop by drop. #shareyourimpact


"Tree by Tree meets Drop by Drop: NIKIN and Viva con Agua are working together for a positive impact - both for nature and for people - and are teaming up for a collaboration. While NIKIN focuses on ecological aspects such as tree planting and the production of sustainable fashion, Viva con Agua focuses on social aspects and enables people to have access to clean drinking water and sanitary facilities. The Impact Bracelet symbolises this collaboration and the desire to share our values. For every bracelet sold, a tree is planted with One Tree Planted in Uganda and Viva con Agua's One WASH Programme is supported. Be a part of this positive impact and work for a greener world where everyone has access to water. #shareyourimpact

The Impact Bracelet

Pendant: #tide ocean material®

The #tide ocean material® is made from ocean plastic. Local volunteers collect plastic from the ocean in different places around the world and make reuse possible.

STRAP: Better on you than in the sea 

Just like the pendant, the strap is made from recycled marine plastic, from OceanYarn® by Meister and made in Switzerland.

Packaging: Reuse material

We didn't cut down a single tree to make the packaging for your Impact Bracelet, because the paper is made from industrial sugar cane waste.

Logos: #shareyourimpact

Show your values by wearing the Impact Bracelet. With the NIKIN tree and the Viva con Agua logo, you stand for sustainability and social commitment.

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NIKIN and Viva con Agua share the same values, which is why both support a project in Uganda through the sale of the Impact Bracelet. For every bracelet sold, 1 tree is planted in a One Tree Planted reforestation project and 1 Swiss franc goes to the One WASH Programme supported by Viva con Agua.

NIKIN: Uganda 2021 - Palorinya Refugee Settlement

From April 2022, NIKIN will plant 149,000 trees in western Uganda with One Tree Planted and local organisations. The forests will be created in the area of the Palorinya Refugee Settlement, a refugee camp with currently about 166,000 people. Why are trees needed there? The trees will provide shade, relieve pressure on existing trees and strengthen food security. The long-term goal is also to increase the use of firewood from controlled sources and to raise awareness among the local population.

Viva con Agua: One WASH Program in Uganda

With the One WASH Programme in Uganda, Viva con Agua provides access to clean drinking water, sanitation and hygiene for communities in Karamoja and West Nile. In detail, this means: the construction and commissioning of 6 solar-powered water supply systems at schools and in the communities, 18 new wells, the training of water user committees in the respective locations and communities, and a total of 20,000 trees are being reforested to preserve natural watersheds.


Hygge: Of the great happiness that lies in the small.

When we feel secure, we feel quality of life. Comforting feelings give us bright moments even in the dark winter - before, during and after Christmas. This is also known in Scandinavia: Despite sunless months, people there are among the most satisfied. Hygge contributes to this. It's an attitude to life that puts coziness above everything else.

Hot idea: cooking with less electricity.

Life without electricity? Unthinkable and simply impossible for all of us. After all, many devices we use every day run on electrical energy - from e-bikes, scooters and cars to smartphones and consumer electronics. It's no different in the kitchen: without cooking stoves and refrigerators, we would quickly look old. But how can power consumption and electricity costs be reduced? We give four tips on how to save.

Green Friday: Stinginess is not cool!

Especially at the time around Black Friday, companies lure with extreme discounts and deals. We want to counteract this enormous incentive to buy and sensitize people to shop consciously. Yes, we also love clothes, fashion and shopping - but please do it with head and heart. Sustainability is a process that we want to drive forward not only at "Green Friday", but as steadily as possible. And you can be #partofthemovement. 

Pop-Up Store in Aarau: We are open!

On October 15th we had the pleasure to open our Pop-Up Store in the LAB of the Aargauische Kantonalbank. After the last plants were arranged, all shirts were arranged and the children's corner was lovingly designed, the customers could come.


Get your Impact Bracelet now and make the world a better place!
When you buy an Impact Bracelet, you not only plant a tree, you also promote access to clean drinking water.


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