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5 tips for more sustainable living

Posted on October 09 2020

In today's world, not least because of the polarising Fridays for Future movement, many people are asking themselves what they can do to protect the environment. Paying attention to sustainability is one of the most important points. This can already be implemented in everyday life and in the area of living. Below are a few tips to help you implement sustainability in your own four walls. – Reading time: 3 minutes

Nachhaltigeres Wohnen

Tip 1: Reduce electricity consumption and switch to solar energy

Electrical appliances draw power permanently, even when they are not in use. For this reason, the plug should be pulled as soon as they are no longer needed. The use of multiple plugs with switches has long been known and recommended.

Today's televisions also have a sleep timer. This ensures that the set switches off at a certain time.

Using a solar energy system or renewable energy sources is a big step forward. The advantage is obvious: Solar energy is inexhaustible and at the same time for free. Only the purchase of solar cells or solar collectors is expensive. But in the long run it pays off. Because with solar storage tanks, the energy obtained can be used independently of the weather.

Tip 2: Sustainable heating

At the beginning of the heating period the radiators must be vented. If there is too much air in the radiators, consumption will increase. Furthermore, the heaters must not be covered or blocked. Good insulation and tight windows also help to reduce heating consumption.

In winter, the flat should have a base temperature. Constantly raising the temperature consumes energy. Here too, nature can be used: Like solar energy, geothermal energy is inexhaustible and can be used for your own home.

Tip 3: Energy-saving appliances

Unfortunately, there are still appliances in most households that use too much electricity. These should gradually be replaced with appliances that have at least an A++ energy efficiency class. Such appliances consume significantly less electricity.

At first glance, there seems to be a financial disadvantage, as they are expensive. After a few years, the expensive purchase will have paid for itself due to the electricity cost savings.

Sustainability can also be taken into account when washing laundry. Not every wash load needs 60 degrees. The washing machine has programmes that save money and energy.

Tip 4: Do without plastic

Plastic is a hot topic. Most plastic waste can be recycled. However, in order to achieve sustainability, plastic should be avoided as far as possible. It is best to use your own bags for shopping.

Many fruits and vegetables, such as courgette or oranges, do not need plastic packaging. Here you can go shopping in supermarkets that offer these products without packaging. Some supermarkets allow you to bring your own boxes for such foods.

Tip 5: Pay attention to sustainability in furniture

  • Used furniture: It is often not even necessary to buy new furniture. Every piece of furniture that is bought second-hand saves resources in another place. Especially when moving into your first own home or after making major investments, it is important to keep an eye on your account balance. But second-hand furniture is also just the right thing for anyone who likes to visit flea markets, because new is not automatically better. Many pieces of furniture have not yet reached the end of their life and can be bought at a reasonable price.
  • Plastic furniture: Yes, you heard right. Just like the plastic fir for Christmas, plastic furniture is also available in a wood look. Some companies have specialised in making their plastic furniture exclusively from recyclable plastic. This means that your shampoo bottle or yoghurt cup will one day see the light of day again in the form of a chair.
  • And if you can't avoid buying new furniture?: If you can't avoid buying new wooden furniture, you should look out for certain seals when looking for environmentally friendly products. For solid wood, these are FSC or PEFC. Among other things, they require sustainable forest management, the protection of biodiversity and the promotion of tree species appropriate to the location. Furthermore, these seals guarantee that the wood has only been treated with natural waxes and oils and that adhesives are free of harmful substances.



About the author

This blog is a guest post by Baufritz. Following nature's example, Baufritz has been planning and constructing ecologically sustainable buildings for over 120 years. From high-quality, pollutant-tested building and insulation materials, individual architectural houses are created that protect people and the environment.


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